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● Why is a rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem so important?

● Why is the location of the Temple so important?

● How close are we to the rebuilding of the Temple?

● What importance does a rebuilt Temple hold regarding Jesus Christ's return?

   All of these questions and more are answered in Dr. Payne's Four Part Series

   The Coming Rebuilt Temple.

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● Was Jesus Christ's DNA human or divine?

● Why is the blood the most important element in the human body?

● Why did God choose blood to redeem His creation?

● What was so different about Jesus' blood and DNA, and why did He have to die on a cross?

● How does Jesus' blood affect your daily living and eternal destiny?

   Dr. Payne answers these questions and more in his new book The  DNA of Jesus Christ.

● Will the Roman Empire be revived before Jesus Christ returns?

● Will the Antichrist be European or Muslim?

● Why are the colors of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse so important?

● Have any of the seals of Revelation, chapter 6 been opened?

   These questions and more are answered in Dr. Payne's six part DVD  

   Series, Islam And The Islamic Antichrist.         

● What does the Bible say about the end-times and the rise of Antichrist prior to

   the Tribulation?

● Will the Antichrist rise from Rome or Islam?

● Learn how the book of Daniel reveals secrets of the end-times.

● Learn why the Bible says the Antichrist will be Muslim.

● Understand more about the Four Horsemen of Revelation. 

Daniel Revisited will give you a clear understanding of why the U.N., Europe, and

   the United States has given Iran free reign to do what they want.