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                                                                        GOD'S MERCY EXTENDED

      The Battle Has Just Begun

       The election is over and Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America.  It was one of,

        if not, the most vicious election campaigns our nation has ever experienced.  Although Mr. Trump was not innocent in

        some of the things he said, the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, did everything they could to discredit and destroy him

        without success; and except for the mercy of God and the prayers of His people bombarding heaven, asking Him to

        give us one more chance as a nation to turn to Him, we would have had no hope.  But the battle has just begun, as

        the Democrats are already plotting to regain control of our government, and doing all they can to stop President Trump.


        Have you noticed how many born-again followers of our Lord Jesus Christ Mr. Trump has surrounded himself with?

        Something is going on and the devil does not like it.  On October 10, 2016, Evangelist James Robinson met with Mr.

        Trump and prayed with him.  According to Dr. Ben Carson, who is a devout Christian, Mr. Trump repented of his sins

        and is turning his life around.  This year of 2019 is going to be very interesting and we must pray as never before for

        protection over President Trump, his cabinet, and extended government offices under his jurisdiction, as well as for

        their discernment in making the right decisions for our nation. Now, after three former Presidents promised to move the

        United States Embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump has done so.  It is a milestone in history.


        The term, United States of America, is a rather paradoxical statement right now, seeing how divided we are.  Please join us

        in prayer that unity will brought about.          


       According to Breaking Israel News, Avi Lipkin, a well-known lecturer, and former IDF spokesman for seventeen years,     

       has formed the first ever Jewish-Christian Gush Hatanachi (Biblical Bloc) party that has been accepted by the Kenesset.  

       Quoting the article in Breaking Israel News, "The Biblical bloc protects everyone who believes in the Bible and opposes

       the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from the Land of Israel.  The Biblical Bloc represents parties all over the 

       world who espouse Judeo-Christian, democratic Western culture."

        "The party will also work to strengthen Israel by formulating a program to improve public relations around the world

          by recruiting Jewish and Christian speakers and training them to improve Israel's image in the world and protect

          Western democracy."

          According Breaking Israel News, Mr. Lipkin states that eight percent of the Israeli population is Christian but have

​          had no representation in the Knesset.  He plans to solve that with his party.  He says,"We, as Jews, have to stop hating

         Christians.  I will add to that that many Christians need to stop hating Jews.


      Medical Breakthrough - Israeli Scientists Find Way to Regrow Heart Muscle Cell.  Monday, April 13, 2015
      Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Australia make a discovery

      which may change the future of heart attack treatment. Most heart attack sufferers sustain some level of

      permanent damage to their heart muscle following a cardiac event. Heart attacks result when a blockage occurs in a

      vein leading to the heart, instantly causing muscle cells of the heart called cardiomyocytes to start dying. Unlike

      blood, hair and skin cells, the human heart does not know how to regenerate itself, and the damage is permanent.

      This may not be the case for much longer, however. Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel

      and the Victor Chang Institute in Australia have discovered a way to stimulate heart muscle cells to regenerate by as

      much as 45 percent.  Source: IsraCast.


       According to, excavations in the Ophel - an area just below the Temple Mount --found  the

      seal mark, called a bulla, in undisturbed Iron Age remains, just 3 meters (10 feet) from where the bulla

      of King Hezekiah of Judah was found in 2015.  It was found by Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University.

      The seal bears the name of Isaiah, followed by the letters N-V-Y, the first three letters of the word for 

       prophet.  Isaiah was the prophet Hezekiah called for when he was sick unto death in Isaiah 38:1-9, 21-22.

       These are proof-positive signs that the Bible is true, especially since the Arabs (Palestinians) have been

        claiming that the Land of Israel and Jerusalem has always belonged to them, which is not true, for God 

        Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob gave the land to the Jewish people as an everlasting

        possession (see Genesis 13:12-17; 17:1-8; Psalm 105:6-11).



      Red Sea Crossing

      Is the Red Sea crossing a myth, or did it really happen?  Was the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea while

      chasing Moses and Israel?  Both events are seemingly verified in a new documentary entitled, "The Red Sea

      Crossing.  Read it for yourself!  Source:

      Red Heifer

     Has the red heifer been found that will allow for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

      A recent article in Israel Today states that a red heifer has been found in the United States at

      an undisclosed location.  The ashes of a red heifer are needed to cleanse the Temple Mount and the Jewish

      people from defilement, according to Numbers 19.  The Temple Mount Institute is training priests for the

      ritual now.  Source: Israel Today, Thursday, June 26, 2014.

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      Our Jerusalem Chronicles weekly television program is now reaching the world with the gospel of

      our Lord Jesus Christ.  We at New Gate Ministries are excited about this for many reasons, of which I will name

      only three.  First, not only are we reaching the nations, but we are going into Israel and the Middle East.  Second,

      you can view our programs if you have Roku by going to Creative Christian Network, On Demand; also on YouTube, and

      LIVE, on Facebook, every other Tuesday at 1:30 P.M. on Creative Christian Network, Eastern Time, and this website.      
     Third, this gives you an opportunity to get to know us in a more personal way.
​      We ask you to pray for us in these endeavors and would greatly appreciate your financial support.   It gives you

      an opportunity to join us in reaching souls for the kingdom of God, especially the Jewish people.  God tells

      us He will bless those who bless Israel.  We also want to thank the partners who stand with us every month and

      during the year.  We are very grateful, for it is you who make this all possible.  Together, we are accomplishing

      great things for our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Periodically, we will post new information in our Newsletter, and every quarter a new teaching in our Teaching

      Section, in order to keep you informed regarding world events and also help you mature as a follower of

      Jesus Christ.  Also, we would love to have you email us with any comments or prayer requests:  We will definitely

      read them and pray for you.  May 2019 be a great year for you and your family.   God bless!

      In Christ Jesus,

      Dr. W. L. "Sonny" Payne

      President of New Gate Ministries



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