jerusalem chronicles

Jerusalem Chronicles


Thousands of years ago someone chose the land of Israel, then called Canaan, as His own possession to be passed on to His children. Learn who the true owner of the land of Israel is now. Find out about the Antichrist and Islamic efforts.

Who is the lion mentioned in Daniel?

Discover if the Antichrist's rule will be worldwide! Will all who do not receive the mark of the beast be killed?

The Glory of All Lands
What if you had the privilege of choosing one piece of land on earth to call your own that would be passed down to your children perpetually; what would you choose?  Would it be the United States, England, Australia or maybe a beautiful Caribbean Island?   What about the country of Israel, would you choose it?  Probably not, but thousands of years ago someone chose the land of Israel, then called Canaan, as His own possession to be passed on to His children.

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The Land of Palestine
1. Who owns Palestine? God owns Palestine. "The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof: the world, and they that dwell therein." Psalm 24:1. "The land shall not be sold forever: for the land is mine ..." Leviticus 25:23. 2. To whom did God give the land of Canaan (Palestine)? "Lord, thou hast been favorable unto thy land: thou hast brought back the captivity of Jacob." (the Jewish people). Psalm 85:1.

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The Roadmap to Peace
In this teaching, the following issues are addressed point by point.

1. In regard to the land of Palestine, as we have shown, the Bible is very clear as to who owns Palestine. The Jewish people own Palestine.

2. The Palestinians today are not Palestinians, but displaced Arabs that their leaders and the Arab nations are using as pawns in order to dislodge Israel from their land and to ultimately destroy them.

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Islam and the Antichrist
We are living in the last of the last days before Jesus Christ returns to set up His kingdom out of Jerusalem, Israel. The signs of His soon coming are everywhere as biblical prophecy continues to be fulfilled at an accelerated rate. That being said, I want to bring a series of teachings that will deal with Daniel, chapter 2, regarding the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and his dream of the Image of gold, silver, bronze and iron, with feet and toes of iron and clay, tying this together with Daniel, chapters 7, 8, 11 and 12.

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Are These the Last Days?
God's Word makes one thing absolutely clear. Jesus Christ is going to return to this earth and set up His earthly kingdom in Jerusalem, Israel. There are 1,845 references to His return in the Bible, with 1,527 of those being in the Tanach (Old Testament) and 318 in the New Testament. For every reference to His atonement, there are two references to His Second Coming. If we knew that the Messiah was coming tomorrow, wouldn't we be living our lives differently today? What are we living for? Is this life all there is?

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Coming Last Days Temple
People the world over are interested to know if we are living in the last days. With all that is happening–the economic crash, the continuing formation of a one-world government, the turmoil in the Middle East–we hear the question more frequently than ever. Is Armageddon upon us?

It is true that much is taking place that is fulfilling biblical prophecy, but there is one event soon to come that will play a major role in ushering in the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Blood of Decision
It is 11:20 PM, Monday evening July 3, 2006 as I begin to write this letter. Tomorrow, we celebrate another year of Independence for our country. There will be picnics, fireworks, bands playing, and great celebrations all over our nation. I am truly grateful to be living in a country that is still free. There is no greater nation on earth than the United States of America. Every time I go abroad and return home, I am so thankful that it was in God’s plan for me to be born a U.S. citizen and to spend the greater part of my life here. Yet, as I write to you, my heart is burdened for our nation as it slides deeper and deeper into immorality and godlessness.

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President Bush - The Iraq War
On March 20, 2003, the United States went to war in Iraq for the second time for the purpose of destroying the weapons of mass destruction, purported to be held by Saddam Hussein, to bring down Saddam's empire, and to establish a democracy in order to stabilize that part of the Middle East. It has now been over four years, and the war continues to this day, causing a great uproar in our nation. There are those who say that President Bush made a mistake by invading Iraq.

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The Next Move of God
As we look at the world around us, the signs of the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ are everywhere. Jesus said "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man." What were the days of Noah like? Iniquity and sin abounded, especially sexual perversion, materialism, satanism, violence, and hatred of God. Today, these things are running rampant throughout the world. The computer age and satellite transmission are two other signs of His return. Never before in the history of man have we been able to communicate worldwide as we can today. That is rapidly leading us toward Revelation 13 and the Mark of the Beast.

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United States in Danger
On September 13, 1993, I sat before my television set and watched two world leaders, President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister of Israel Yizkak Rabin, shake hands with Yassar Arafat, the world's leading terrorist. This meeting culminated the Oslo Accord. The agreement was suppose to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians. As I watched this take place, I was troubled and asked the Holy Spirit what He thought of it. Immediately, II Kings 8:11,12 came into my mind. In this scripture, Hazael, who would soon become king in Syria, stood before the Jewish prophet Elisha who fixed his gaze upon Hazael until he was embarrassed.

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The Coming Peace
The United Nations, with the help of the United States and Europe, has drafted a new resolution (Resolution #1701) to stop the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, which has been agreed to by Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah. But does it mean anything? Will the conflict really cease, or will it continue now or sometime in the future? I personally think that it will continue for several reasons. First, U.N. Resolution 1559, which promised Israel safety from attacks in the north, never worked, nor was it ever enforced, so why should we believe this new Resolution will be any different? Second, the goal of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and other Islamic terrorists groups is to completely destroy Israel.


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